Gothenburg University (Goteborgs Universitet)

Directions, Transport and Travel To and From Gothenburg University
(Gothenburg, Sweden)

Transport in Gothenburg is very efficient, thanks mostly to its efficient tram system (locally known as the 'spårvagn'). It is accessible via air, ferry, and motorway from all major cities in Sweden, and a train system runs through the city connecting it to major European cities like Oslo and Copenhagen.

Travel by Air

Foreign students usually arrive at the Landvetter Airport, about 26 kilometers east of Gothenburg. From here, you can take one of the airport buses, which leave every 30 minutes, to the Gothenburg railway terminal. From here, you can take a cab or coach to the university campus.

Gothenburg Landvetter Airport (GOT) Information - Useful information about Gothenburg (GOT) Airport

Gothenburg can be reached by car from other parts of Sweden. From Stockholm, head west on the E4, past Jonköping and Borås. Travel time is six to eight hours, depending on the weather and road conditions.

Car Parking

Gothenburg has ample parking facilities. There are numerous electronic road signs to help you find a slot and see how many are still available. The Gothenburg airport also provides more than 7,300 parking spaces, all well-guarded.

Travel by Trains and Rail

Those coming from southern Sweden and neighboring Scandinavia can take the Oslo-Copenhagen express train, which runs through Gothenburg on a north-south route.

Travel by Buses and Coachl

Daily bus trips from Stockholm, Helsingborg and Malmö are cheap and convenient. Trips take three and a half hours from Helsingborg and four and a half from Malmö. Stockholm to Gotherburg trips take seven to eight hours. Most buses will drop you off at the terminal at Nils Ericson Gate, just behind the railway terminal.

Travel by Taxi

Among the most reliable taxi companies in Gothenburg are Taxi Göteborg, Taxi Kurir, and VIP taxi. Avoid taking illegal taxis (called "svarttaxi"). They are generally cheaper but nor very reliable.

Gothenburg University

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